Posted by Max | Posted on 4/06/2017 03:56:00 PM

I don't know why the Woman took a picture of the computer monitor while we worked. She just did. What I want to know is why she needs to have a box that says PENCIL. Like, does she keep it in there so that when she needs one, she knows what it is? Can't she leave the pencil in the desk, and just GRASP that's what it is? And more importantly, since the pencil is ON THE DESK, when she goes to open the box, won't she be confused??? I mean, more than normal?

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Maybe the 'pencil' part is supposed to fool *you*, Max. We bet she has treats for herself in that box.

I wish humans had your thinks! I bet she has her treats in the drawer!

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I totally agree.

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I would most like to to know what those sticky notes say. Mine say It's = it is and its = possessive.. I can never remember.

Max, Humans aren't supposed to make sense. They're just supposed to prepare our foods for us, play with us and give us pets and scritches.

some humans need all the help they can get.