While we wait...

Posted by Max | Posted on 7/23/2016 09:02:00 PM

...for the final proofing so that corrections of typos can be made, the Woman and I are plowing through and starting more copious notes for book #2.

I mean, we HAVE notes, but these are a little more involved and we're hoping it means the second book will get done faster than the first. Like, way faster, given that we kicked this story around for 2-3 years before I was able to staple her asterisk to the chair to get her started with the actual writing.

Tell ya what, though, I don't think I've ever had more fun writing something or liked it quite as much, even if I am nervous about it. I think the Woman is enjoying it, too, because the notes for book two are keeping her awake at night, as the story percolates in her brain. This is perfect for me; I get to sleep, she gets to think.

And doods, trust me, she needs a lot of practice doing that.

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We can't wait

We can't wait

Letting yer Woman do the writingthinkingarranging while you are the STAR seems the best and easiest way, Max!

WOW! That's exciting and it puts a huge smile on my face! You got a sweet deal there, Mr. Awesome! She gets to practice her thinks and you get to nap nap nap! Keep kracking that whip kitty!

Mr. Awesome, my friend's kitty just turned 20 in July! It is doable for you to match that. Stay healthy and go for it, my friend!