William, my man...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/26/2016 09:08:00 PM

Dood, before you go, I gotta tell you...I love you, man. I'm sorry you're just about ready to go onto the next big thing, even though we have a ton of friends there who are waiting for you and will throw you the most wicked fun party.

William of Mass Destruction...the most awesome WMD there will ever be
I will try to chew up some window stripping or something in your honor.

Other doods....William of Mass Destruction is nearing his time to go to the Bridge. Please go say something, tell him how much you love him. He deserves a whole lotta love. He's wicked cool and a long time blogging buddy, and he's gonna be missed so hard.

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My sentiments exactly, Max. Boy, Screamoline and Elliott and the Little Boys are gonna have their work cut out for them taking care of their Mom. We love William a whole lot, too, Max, and heck I'll even say it now: We love YOU a ton too. And Buddah too, and your Peeps, but mostly you, Big Guy. You gotta stick around FOREVER, Okay????

I feel so sad! I read William a lot and just loved him! Great great great kitty!

We feel the same way Max.
We will miss that tiny boy SO much!
13 is not old. It's so unfair.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Well said, Max. Well said.

Thank you, dear friends. ♥

It's just heartbreaking, and your words are absolutely beautiful.

Aw, man, we're gonna miss Wlliam.

the mom and us have cried many many tears.

Yeah, we have sent thoughts to Skeeter and LC to be on the lookout fer William ta arrive. There is gonna be SO BIG a welcoming pawty... William was One Awesome Dude here.

So sorry to hear about William.

Thanks for visiting my birthday party! - Devi

Hi Max my kitty Izzi went to the rainbow bridge on April 11, I miss her so. She was a torty. 16
years old. Dang kidneys got her. It is awful without her had her since she was a baby