I have to WORK for my treats now

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/11/2016 08:53:00 PM

A while back, I got an email from a really nice lady at Petco, and she wanted to know if I would like to try out a couple of their products. I didn't even know what, but I was all SURE! I LIKE FREE STUFF! but then I also made sure she understood I never promise a good review when I get stuff. I tell what I think, and she was totally cool with that.

I got a big box that had 2 big boxes inside it. One of the things was this catch scratcher:

The way it goes together, you can turn the little levels of scratchy material so that it looks different. But the downside...it's really small. I mean, too small for a grownup kitty.

I'm not even sitting upright...when I do I'm taller than it. So is Buddah, and he's the one with claws. He tried to use it a couple of times, and to get any use of it at all he had to get all the way down on his belly. He *wants* to use it...which makes me think that for a kitten, it would be a really good toy. And pieces of it can be replaced pretty easy if they get messed up.

Now, the other thing they sent was a Catit Senses Food Tree. It's this thing the People put crunchy treats into, and then sit back and expect us to work for them.

You want me to what?
Now, I was annoyed at first, because treats should just be given. But then we started checking it out...

...and we both figured out that it's like a prize machine. Stick your paw in just right, and treats fall through it and out the bottom.

After I realized it wasn't hard at all (and you can shake it hard and make treats fall out, too) I started to get into it...and doods, I really like it. It makes me use my brain, and it's like a puzzle to figure out. I've been having fun with it every day, and Buddah has even more fun (I don't think he understands the people put the treats in...I'm pretty sure he thinks it's all some kind of manna-from-heaven thing.)

After playing with it for a few days, I can honestly say it gets two paws up from me--so much so that if they hadn't given it to me, I'd buy one. It's that good.

The scratching thingy...eh, it's great for a kitten, not great for a grown cat.

If you want a treat thingy, you can get one right here from Petco. Only $20!

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I love puzzles too! I hope you guys have a lot of fun getting your treats. :-)

Work for treats??? But it does look like fun.

Ooo Glitter is really getting into treat balls and treat toys, she'd probably love that! LOVE the look when you realized you had to work for treats! Pawsome!

We have one of those scratchers too and it is small even for me... maybe if you put it on its side, it would work better?

well now we can see this treat thing showing up in our house-Max approved

I bet Ichiro would like the treat thing! It would be good for him. But we'd all laugh cause he's really not very bright...

we will never understand why so many companies make scratchers so dang short!

but the puzzle looks interesting....

work? that's just wrong!!

(and I'm with Random Felines, short scratchers are only for super small kittens, they should know better)

Working for treats isn't so bad when it is fun to get them out. The scratcher does look very short. I like to stand up tall and really stretch on mine.

Good honest reviews Max! Thank you! We might be interested in that great thingy too.

Hey Max. Too bad that scratcher isn't taller. It would be really cool if it was. And we had one of those treat thingies...but we refused to work for our treats and ignored it...and the mom ended up giving it away.

Cool on the treat thingy. Can the scratchy thing be used laying down?

You could try laying the scratchy thing on it's side and maybe that would help.

You could try laying the scratchy thing on it's side and maybe that would help.

We love treat toys. Its fun ta figure them out!

I wonder if the treat thingy could be used to help Maggie get her treats without Yuan stealing them? Either by putting his in there so he has to spend time fishing them out and she can eat hers in peace, or by putting hers in there because he won't be able to snatch and run.