Still doing a lot of this:

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/16/2015 11:34:00 AM

The Woman and I are working our way through all of Doctor Who (well, New Who) a couple of episodes a day, 3-4 days a week. That's pretty much it.

I can tell I'm getting to be an old guy. I sleep more now than I did just a year ago, and I really won't put up with any of Buddah's nonsense. I'm still very eager to eat, though, and once in a while I play with something or run back and forth like my asterisk is on fire, but still...I'm probably sleeping more than anything.

When a guy just sleeps and watches Doctor Who, there's not a lot to blog about. I still post to Facebook a few times a week and I'm still telling the Woman what to write for the next book, but I really feel like this is the quite time of my life.

No, don't worry, I'm not sick, there's nothing unusual going on. I'm just getting older and doing what senior kitties do. Life is good, there's steak cut into tiny bites in the fridge and in a minute I am going to go ask for some, and then I am going back to bed and sleep until I hear the Woman make her lunch.

Maybe she'll put the Doctor on while she eats.

Buddah is feeling his age a little, too. He used to be able to eat and eat and eat and he was svelte; now he's getting kinda fat. The people weighed him the other day and he's almost 17 pounds. I'm 17 pounds. Yeah, he's fat.

He doesn't run around as much as he used to, either, but he still jumps to the high places and has made the top of the TARDIS his favorite napping spot. You'd think I would have claimed it, but I prefer napping in the tower in the bedroom or the one in the office. He can have the top of it as long as he doesn't claim the whole thing as his.

He's up have to look close.

But, yeah...that's why the blog posts have been few and far between, I think. Not much for an old, sleepy dood to write about.

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I hear you, Max. It's nice to have a few lie ins and watch the television...

I wonder if Binga is ever going to be old like that. She's 15 and still crazy... but then, she's a tortie.

WE thought we were sleeping more because of the heat. Never know it could be age! We see Buddah! Just peeking over the top!

Yeah, I'm pretty much the same Max. I sleep on the bed or on the recliner most days. If the weather is okay I nap on the lawn in the shade or in my plant pot in the greenhouse. Like you I also have my moments where I run around like my tail is on fire, or if I see something has fallen on the floor I have a couple of mad minutes chasing it around and pouncing on it. Still, can't complain, I am just happy to still be here after using up 2 of my lives last year.

It's happening to me, too, Max. Except I wouldn't be able to get to the top of the tv stand, let alone the Tardis. We love the photo of Buddah on it, though. (Well, maybe it's my mom who got all squee over it.)

Oh my Ceiling Cat, you have a Tardis! That is so cool. Our Mom used to watch Dr Who back in the day after school - about elebenty hundred years ago. He was the guy with the curly hair. Anyway, we're both not as fast as we used to be, not so quick to jump. Especially me (Toby).

You could always review Doctor Who episodes.. I bet no cat has ever done that before

Wish you didn't feel like you were an elder. You're only 14. Yeah, that's getting up there and everything. None of your pictures have you looking gray. Now THAT'S old. Betcha you dream about lots of col stuff, though.

Yer BOTH 17 pounds? Around here that would mean the "D" werd. Seriously, even Pudge (Iza) is only 11.5 pounds.

TBT used ta watch Dr Who a lot. But he cant get into the current one. He says he is too boring and serious. No long scarfs, no jelly-babies, no weird clothes... And he allus seems unhappy.