Posted by Max | Posted on 8/05/2015 09:11:00 PM

For reals.

The Woman was gone for like, forever, or maybe for like 3 nights, and I thought she was out doing walking things , but no. You know what she was doing?

She was spending time with That Damned Dog Butters and his new sister, Lady. And not just "time." She was there all day and all night THREE TIMES IN A ROW. All her clothes were covered with dog hair when she got back. I could smell where they licked her. The worst part?


And then things got all worse when the Man left the house Monday and was gone for a few hours and came back smelling like them. Because of THIS:

I am so unhappy right now.

I may have to ignore them both.

For, like, WEEKS.

Except around breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, because I am practical, even when I'm annoyed.

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Ewww, dog stink! How COULD they???

Humans! You've just got to overlook their transgressions because their just so....human!

Despicable them! They made no effort what so ever to cover it up either.

I would refuse to talk to them. That is just rude.

That's disgraceful! They should have ditched their clothes and soaked in the bath for hours to get rid of dog stink.

How dare she? The Hotties are embarassed for you and hiding under the bed, dude.

OMC! How rude! Not ONLY deserting you but coming home smelling like dogs. The horror!

oh the horror!! maybe you should cheat on them..

That is so wrong, Max. We're sure you'll come up with a suitable revenge.

Whoa. This is just...just.. WRONG.

OH OH! Is there a woofie in yer future?

OMC ! How rude of your humans !!