Doods. Billy SweetFeets needs our help.

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/17/2015 11:59:00 AM

Guys, we all love Billy...he's sweet and he's funny, and now he needs our help. He had a really rough weekend--his mom thought they might lose him--because of his breathing issues, and his eye is being a little bitch and might have to be removed.

Making him better takes money, and he needs our help. If you can, even a few bucks, please help. He is a really awesome kitty, and his mom has done so much for him--a lot of other people would have sent him to the Bridge right from the start, but she made a home for him and has given him a wonderful, happy life. He's not done with that life yet. I would really, really like for him to stick around.

He has a GoFundMe page...Just click and you'll be there.

I know money is tight; if you can't donate please share. The more people and kitties who see this, the better chance Billy has of getting the stabby care he needs.

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I am sorry Billy isn't well. I have told my mum and she will see what she can do tomorrow.

We are very concerned about Billy too!

I have donated to Sweet Billy! Every kitty should have a fighting chance to live! Our emergency vet has set up a fund to care for animals whose owner(s) have no funds and I just have a soft spot. Keep me posted on Billy!

We can't give much, but we did what we could. Sending tons of purrs and purrayers his way. We love those orinch boys.

I just added something to my post, too. Thanks for letting us know, Max.

We had the mom donate some green papers to Billy. We want him to be well.

Poor little guy. We shared this on our page, and hope to donate some green papers on Friday.

The mostly black cats made sure Grandma Cat and I pooled our resources to make a donation. We's sharing and purring and purraying and have a crystal grid for him. We want Billy to get well soon too.