The Woman hijacks the blog: about the cost of the shirts...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/10/2015 11:16:00 AM

Having been bitched up one wall and down another for the price of the t-shirts...look, I didn't set the price. Fifty bucks is about what it will cost me to order each shirt and ship it; it might be a little less but probably not more than $5 less.

I won't make a profit. I might even lose 50-75 cents after shipping. Not a big deal for a few shirts.

I put it out there because, when the picture of the one shirt was posted to FB, several people said they wanted one. If you don't want to pay fifty dollars for a shirt, that's fine; I can order 1 or 2 or 20 at a time, so those who do can still have one.

If you're offended by the price because you wanted one but can't afford it...I'm sorry. If I ever win the lottery there will be t-shirts for all (ok, don't hold me to that...t-shirts for the first 500, for sure. If I win over a million.) But the price is not up to me, I'm not trying to make anything off of them; it's just what they cost.

There's also no hurry. If you want one 6 months from now, I'll still be able to get it.

And really, when you drop a line to Max at his email address and tell him he should be ashamed of his Person...come on. Think before you hit Send. Really think about who actually gets that email.


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I apologize if I sounded like one of those people... I'd have one in a heartbeat if I could. I love yours you can have Max on your chest even when he's not there.

Hey there Thumper, where do you order and how big is the biggest?

You go Thump! I said almost the same thing in my comment.....yea I went anonymous cause I posted already. I want at least 3 and will be in touch with you as soon as I have sizes. Thanks! Having Mr. Awesome over my heart is worth every cent. :-)

No, Cary, you didn' was emails that pushed me to post this.

Anyone who wants one, just let me know. My email is am ordering a few for myself later this week, but can also put in orders after that. And it looks like they go up to 5X in size.

I'm sorry people don't seem to understand that things cost money.. :( I too thought $50 was a bit high, but I also understood it that you weren't the one to arbitrarily come up with that figure but it was the actual cost of the shirt..

people.. sigh. no wonder I love my cat so much


Max got e-mails dissing his that is truly hilarious!

The t-shirts are great but I have three cats here who would likely be jealous.

Nobody said anything about how we could get them in six months if we wanted to, it sounded like the supply would run out because of a limited run or something. Having time to save up sounds perfectly reasonable. So does $50 if the shirt is full color front and back and silkscreen. So in a couple of months there should been enough money for the happy face picture shirt

The shirts are the same on the front and the back--full, print-all-over imaging. They're awesome!