I am not worried, not really...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/15/2015 02:05:00 PM

A few days ago, when she should have been getting up to feed me, the Woman was playing with something on her phone, as if that was more important that my growling tummy.

I sat myself down on the end table by her chair and gave her the Why Are You Not Feeding Me look, because a person ignoring the needs of the kitty totally deserves to get that look.

So what did she do?

Well, she didn't get up to feed me. Instead she shoved that damned camera in my face and took my picture.

I know I'm a lovely model and all, but really...I just wanted food.
Then last night she was sitting there, again with the phone in her hand (and the computer on her lap...it's like she thinks she has important things to do even though I know all she's really doing is playing Trivia Crack and surfing Facebook) and I was lounging on the top of the short cat tree, looking out the front door which is all the way on the other side of the house.

She thinks I look worried.

No, I'm just looking at stuff outside. There were giant moths and stuff flittering around the light outside, and I was just watching them.

If one had gotten inside--and it's possible because the screen door has gaps at the top and bottom--it could have been very exciting.

Oh, and I might have also been contemplating the fact that the People had steak for dinner a couple of nights ago and the Woman only ate half of hers so she took the rest and cut it into tiny bite sized pieces and we've been getting those as treats, and what if they're all gone? That's been a freaking good treat--bites of steak AND chicken on one plate--and it will suck when it's gone.

I am trying to think of a way to get them to have steak more often.

I overheard the Woman talking about how her doctor said to have more protein before she works out...maybe that should be my angle. Technically any time after she works out is now the time before she works out, so she should totally eat steak as her protein.

Damn, I'm good. 

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Great photos....even though the camera can be super annoying. How cool that you're getting to eat the steak.....Mom always keeps HER leftovers for herself.....

::::::::::GLARES AT MOM::::::::::::::

The Florida Furkids

Those people and their cameras

Sounds like a good plan - hope ya get some steak.

That is ONE SERIOUS LOOK in that 1st picture Max! And best of luck at getting more steak.

Yes, you are good! You do have the beans figired out, Mr. Awesome. May the steaks be with you.

Human behavior is so strange!

We like how you think Max. Maybe you could get a job as spokes-cat for the National Beef Counsel or whatever they call themselves. Of course, the job would involve photo shoots of fabulous you being photographed chowing down on plenty of steak bits. You could probably get the people some sort of discount for any steak they buy & that way you could keep the steak bits coming. By the way, when you have steak & chick-hen together is it called a Cluck & Moo special?

I was gonna suggest you pee on that phone, but if she is giving you steak.. um.. you might not want to do that.

It's neat that you're being so cool about the Woman working out. Now that you'll be getting steak and other protein type treats much more often that's a reason not to care about the expletives deleted machines.

We all need to purrfect our feed me looks.

Iffen The Woman was more attentive to you, she would have remembered it was yer 14th Birfday Max!