If this looks familiar, you saw it on Facebook...*

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/10/2015 05:23:00 PM

The time change has thrown me off my game...last night I didn't even ask for my 10 pm snack; at 10:30 the Woman looked at me and asked if I was hungry. This morning, the Man was up before I was and I had to scramble down the hall to make sure that I didn't miss breakfast. I'd complain, but having light at the end of the day seems to make the Woman happy, and I'll adjust. Maybe.

*The FB in the sidebar just isn't working for most people. I'm not sure why; you don't need a FB account to read it, but it seems simpler to just cross post  to the blog. So if you also have me on FB, you'll see things twice.

I will still have content original only to the blog. Especially once I am not so blog-blocked...

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Yeah, I'm all off, too, Max. I may get food earlier but I always want more at the end of the day! And my mom! You'd think the time had gone backwards. She's really been off!

TBT's living schedule is so whack, we didnt even notice the time change. We spose that makes us lucky...

Thank goodness you said how Facebook is messed up for most people. I thought I we the only one who is blocked from seeing the comments page unless you have a story that has a picture attached to it.