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Okay, so, maybe not here since I haven't blogged in for-freaking-ever, but here. In the comfy chair. In my house, where I have the fireplace and noms and no real reason to do much of anything other than be awesome.

If you miss me when I go for a while without blogging, you can look to the right and there in the sidebar are the things I'm posting to Facebook. They go from there to Twitter to here, so if you click on them you might need a Twitter account to see the whole thing. I don't know, I haven't tried it without Twitter or Facebook. But it's there!

But the real time hog...work discussions with the Woman. I want to write another book. She says I'm pretty well tapped out. So I said, well how about what you do? I can do that. And she was all, you want to write fiction? And I was like, hellz yeah!

Ok, so we sounded more normal than that.

Or I did. She rarely sounds normal.

So I pitched an idea to her. And she actually liked it! But she's not sure about the marketability of cat-written fiction.

Maybe we could co-write.

I really want to write this. Depends on if anyone would read it.

Whatcha think, doods? Fun-funny idea, or stupid?

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Hey, dood, I would read anything you put your paw to! Great idea! I might be a first for everyone but it would sell for sure! Go for it!

Go for it, Max!

I'm still wondering if I'll get to write a book. So far the muse hasn't struck.

Correction: The idea may be a first. Not me! LOL

Write away I say! Let's hear what's in that furry brain of yours...

Works with the Midnight Louie cat mysteries by Carole Nelson Douglas....go for it Max!

We'd read it!!

Why wouldn't people read cat written fiction? It is certain to be better than human written.

I love the Mrs. Murphy mystery series written by Sneaky Pie Brown (co authored by Rita Mae Brown, Sneaky Pie's mom). I think a fiction book by Max would be awesome!


we say go for it....we wood reed a book ewe rited, N we wood tell R friendz ta reed de book ewe rited

N they wood tell ther friendz til 937,846,255,018 catz had reeded yur book

N then ewe wood bee in noo york on tee vee coz ya made de best seller list

N de book stayed ther for 79 yeerz,

N then all de grand kids N de grate gran kids wood bee reedin what ya rited a bout.. two day...

79 yeerz frum now....awesum !

heerz two a corydoras & cherry salmon kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Midnight the rescue panther and his hoomins have written several fiction books. Check Midnight the rescue panther on FB or on Amazon. No reason you can't do it too

Why not? Robert E. Lee's horse wrote a book! (Well, sorta--some human may have helped a *little*.)

Go for it, Max, we want to read something with social value for once . . . our person is always reading those hoomin-written fiction books, she needs something to raise her consciousness a bit!

Worth a try Max.

Max, we think if you put your paw to it...you can do it.

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If you does it, we is sure the kitties will read it!

Good luck convincing the bean.
Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Max as fiction writer? I can totally see that. Put your paw into it.

We think your idea is totally doable Max & if any cat can write a fabulous story it is you & the Woman. Fiction should be lots of fun since you can make up anything you want to write about. Narrowing the ideas is probably the tough part. If anyone can spin a good tale, it is Max Thompson & his human with those opposable thumbs. Besides, you have lived 3 lifetimes worth of real adventures to draw on for ideas & you are one creative dude-cat and can do anything you set your brain to. We do think it is a fine line between your real life & fiction anyway - so go for it Max. It could be your best work yet.

we would so read that

We miss you, Max.

But sadly, we just dont do Facebook...

Of course. If you can write memoirs and blog posts you can write fiction.

We would read anything you wrote Max. We say do it!
Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

Oh wow, we would just love to read your book. Mommy read your other books to us and we loved them.
Lola and Lexy