Look! It's almost Christmas!

Posted by Buddah | Posted on 12/18/2014 09:26:00 PM

Ok so Max laid down in front of the fireplace tonight and it was off and he wanted it on so he nagged and nagged and nagged until the Mom got up and turned it on but I kind of wanted to remind him that Santa comes NEXT WEEK and there aren't many more chances to be really good and then I thought no, it doesn't matter, he should know that Santa is coming soon because the Christmas tree is RIGHT THERE and if that doesn't remind him then nothing will, so I decided to mind my own business and just be good all by myself in the other room where the lights are off and Santa can't see me anyway, but then I could feel the warms coming in from the fireplace so I decided it would be ok to go in there and enjoy it because I'm not the one who nagged and it's probably ok to enjoy it when someone else was like a whiny little girl to get his way

This is our little tree this year and it looks a lot like it did last year and there's a big tree in the front room but Max and I ran under it during a game of THoE and tripped on a wire so now the lights don't work and the Mom and the Dad aren't happy about that but we didn't get in trouble and I don't think Santa will hold that against us but if he does I'm blaming Max because he started it.

No, for reals, he did. He was just playing but he totally started it.

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Always blame someone else.

Boys will be boys (and kitties will be kitties)! If you didn't get in trouble then it was not being bad.

No harm, no foul...

How cool that you have TWO trees. What will you do to this one?

No bad just unfortunate. I would be more concerned about Santa scorching his asterisk when he hits the warms in the fireplace! More than his suit will be red for sure!

Phew, I'm out of breath! Your tree looks pretty, and I hope the lights can be made to work again on the big one.

Ernie climbed in our big tree and now some of the lights don't work. But that's okay, it's still got room underneath for lots of presents for us. ~Wally

Buddah, there's one in every crowd, isn't there? That's exactly why we can't have a tree.

Black Socks? So COOL!

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!