Gutted, and leaking again...

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/27/2014 02:55:00 PM

Guys...I am so sad right now, and feel like someone kicked a hole right through my gut.

One of my oldest blogging buddies, Derby, went to the Bridge today. Man, this was so a couple days ago he was okay, and today he's gone. I'm leaking, the Woman is leaking, so I can only imagine how his mom feels and how Ducky is feeling.

He started blogging in 2005, so he's been at it nearly as long as I have. I've known him from the start and have loved him like a bro. I know a lot of you have known him just as long...

I love this picture of him. I stole it off his blog.
Coming on the heels of Beau Beau going to the Bridge, too, this is just a sad, sad end to the year.

Derby, my man, I will see you on the flip side. It has been an honor.

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It's hard Max. So many have gone to the bridge this year. I hope the new year brings us all everything we need and some of the things we want and a year full of love and laughter.

Me and my mum are leaking too. It happened so fast, so unexpected. It never ends, it's heartbreaking.

We're missing him so very much. What a shock. He was one of our first friends along with you Max.
Big sinkhole in our hearts right now.

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*Sob* sniff, we're gonna miss him...*sob*

We are awful, awful sad for his Human and for Ducky. An unexpected departure for the Bridge is such a hard blow for those left behind. We've known D&D & their Human since we started blagging in 2010 which feels like a long time (especially to me--the Human's such a geezer now a year seems like two weeks to her). We are purring real hard for his Mom and his brofur. And you too Max XOXOXO

Max, we feel the same way. Derby was one of the first cats we met when we started blogging. So sad. We're sure gonna miss him. :(

So sad.

We are devastated by Derby's passing and also Jade and with so many friends very sick, it's a bad bad time. The Woman started to cry when she heard about Derby.

Yes, it was very difficult hearing about Derby going to the bridge today. We think we are still in shock. We're sending comforting purrs to his mom.

We're so sad he had to leave. He was just at our #CatmasEve party with Ducky. We're honored we got to spend time with him
*hugs* and puuurrrrrr for Ducky and Mama
from all of us at the house of the mostly black cats

Mr Max, you is so nice to pay tribute to my bro Derby. It was furry unexpected. We don't often know how we affect others and lots of people are leaking. Mum is still leaking at times too.


Just Ducky.

It just sux to have to say goodbye again so soon. It is so comforting to know you care and have a nice cry with us.

So very sad! While I didn't know Derby or Beau Beau, I still feel very very sad! I suddenly lost my woofie in July and their passing leaves such a ginormous hole in your heart! Purring for Ducky and family!

Huge purrs and hugs Ducky! I know your hearts have a ginormous hole right now! I care a lot! Huge sads about your loss. :-(

We will Miss you Derby! Our hearts for Ducky, too!!
Your TX furiends,
Samantha & Mom

Derby was a great cat of the CB. We are missing him.

derby iz one rockin awesum dood....we dinna have de privilege oh noe inn him az long az most, but him waz a soooper grate pal ta all oh uz in trout towne over de past couple oh yeerz...derby...heerz ta tock tober, squillionz & feetz ball up ther in heaven ♥♥♥♥♥

I'm so sorry. Your friend will love forever in your heart.