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Ok, so you know I love my crunchy treats, right? Well, a while back the People stopped giving us Temptations and just gave us a few pieces of dry Fancy Feast because of reasons. I was not happy, so they caved last week and gave us my treasured crunchy treats again.

Here's the problem: those were the only crunchy treats I didn't throw up. But after they quit giving them to us, the total amount of barf to be cleaned up every week dropped, and when they gave them back Buddah (they know it's him because they've seen him and before they weren't sure who it was) started barfing more. So they're pretty sure it's the Temptations.

So...unless they can find a crunchy treat we can both eat, it's back to dry Fancy Feast (or some other brand, as long as it's different from what we normally eat so that it's special, and it's back to me not being a happy cat because I freaking love my 11:30 a.m. crunchy treat and my you-can't-have-a-bite-of-my-dinner crunchy treat.

Maybe freeze-dried treats? Anyone ever tried those? They're not crunchy but if they're tasty, it might be worth a try. 

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We love the freeze dried chicken treats! They are pawsome! No barf here but we don't barf up temptation either...

I love Whisker Lickins Chicken crunchy treats! The Mommy gets them and the tuna flavor for me and they are the best.

Hnossa kitty

My kitties like the Pounce treats

My mom gives me Pet Greens (r) Treats Turkey & Veggie Recipe w/wheat grass. They're all natural, grain free, no artificial colors or flavors and they help control tartar. They're pretty tasty and Mom says the smell won't make hoomans hwark!

Myst (Lynn Keenan's master)

Have ya tried the Friskies crunch treats? We like those.

We used to do Temptations here, too.

I've tried the freeze dried chicken with my two. It makes my normally non-pukey kitty projectile vomit. My sensitive-digestion kitty has no issues with it. Go figure. They both love it tons but I can't give it to them any more.

Blue brand seems to work for both of them. I've tried both chewy and crunchy because one likes the chew and the other likes the crunch.

Yes, they are terribly spoiled. Ha!

Mine like the freeze dried bird. Even The House Ninja, who could be the poster kitteh for The Mr. Fussypants Club.

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Pounce, Whisker Lickins, Friskies...over the years I think we've tried all the kinds you can get in a typical grocery store.

We would just do away with treats altogether, except that would break Max's heart.

As a rule, we only have freeze-dried treats here! My human got some freeze dried turkey liver to review - the brand is called Primal - and we go INSANE over it. My breeder refers to it as "kitty crack."

We LOVE the freeze-dried chicken treats made by Halo. They are SO good.

Well, the ONLY crunchies WE get are Eukanuba chicken kibbles and we LOVE them. Especially when tossed across the floor fer us to chase.

Poor Max! I will try to find something he will be able to keep down! I love that cat!

Found some! It is called Cat-Man-Doo! It can be purchased at chewy.com and it only has 1 ingredient.....Bonita fish! From all the reviews it seems cats will actually push each other out of the way for them and it is 5*s. I get all my pet food from chewy.com and it is delivered to the door and way less cost than store bought treats! Hope it helps!

We like freeze dried salmon (it comes in cubes)

We like Wellness crunchy treats and Authority (Petsmart) crunchy treats. We try to stay grain free. That seems to help out tummies.

The Crew LOVES freeze dried treats

Well, we'll eat anything, including dust bits we find on the floor, and no one yaks, but had you tried Greenies? We really like them.

Temptations always made me yak up too.


PS. I yak up most everything, I eats too fast.

My cats love the Pet-n-Shape freeze dried liver treats for cats (not the ones for dogs, they are too big and hard), and PureBites freeze dried salmon treats (not as crunchy as the liver treats).

Cna't help you hunny, I live in another country, sorry... Hope you find your perfect taste!

Cna't help you hunny, I live in another country, sorry... Hope you find your perfect taste!

OMC Fweeze dwied tweats awe ow favowits. And da shwimpys and livers awe a bit mowe cwunchy. Weez purrfur da white meat chicken tho'. Good luck.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

We gets a treat called Smart and Tasty. It is grain free and Beau Beau loves it! Hope dat's not what gave him da hurty heart tho... It also makes a good shaky bag fing to make him run out when we can't find him.
Fanks for stopping by wif da good wishes.

We loved Crispies, but now they are called Party Mix Puffs! We like all party mic treats. Our Max did not like freeze dried chicken!

The salmons! We waz born for 'em!

Temptations made all 4 of my cats barf. We had used Pounce or Whisker Lickin in Chicken flavor were fine for many years, but all the stores in my area have replaced those brands with Temptations, and Pounce & Whisker Lickin's have disappeared from stores. Friskies Party treats also make them toss their cookies. I think there is something about the red dyes used in Temptations because the Pounce Tuna is also colored red & that seems to be the common thread that cause the throwing up. Finally, out of desperation, I took the empty treat bag & filled it with a no grain brand of drys they don't normally. They are a lot less calories and the novelty is enough for them to believe they are real treats. I hope they don't catch on. Good luck finding a treat with no hurling side-effect.

Ron Thibault
Could you buy each type that one or the other cat won't barf up, and feed them separately?