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I am kind of speechless...

Dear Max, 

 I had to write to you because something occurred to me this afternoon and sharing it feels important. My son was always a non-reader, to the point that his grades were horrible. He hated homework, because that required he read; he hated classwork, because that required he read. We tried everything, to no avail, and because we are dedicated readers, this was heartbreaking. Then in 8th grade he was issued an ultimatum by a teacher he respected: read a book cover to cover and write a report, or you will be kicked off the baseball team and you will not pass English. That meant he would not graduate from middle school, and would not start high school with his friends.

I had a copy of your first book and, hoping that he would at least give it a try, gave it to him. He balked, because it meant doing his least favorite thing, but once he started it, he realized he could read it in 5 minute chunks, and that made all the difference in the world. It took him over a week, but he finished it and wrote his report. After that, he asked for your second book.

It was a springboard. Once he realized that every book out there wasn't a literary hurdle that he couldn't hope to jump over, he was willing to give other books a fair try. He started with short young adult books and worked his way up, until he found a love of storytelling I never could have imagined. The boy who thought reading was "stupid" now reads every day, and most recently finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

What prompted me to write? All those dots connected this afternoon, because he came home from school with a letter from his counselor: my once-stubborn non-reader is graduating from high school a semester early, and with honors.

This would not have happened without two very important things. One was a teacher who cared enough to put him in an uncomfortable position. But the other was having these wonderful books written by a cat who would take over the world if it didn't mean missing a few naps and meals of real live fresh dead things.

I cannot thank you enough, And please, share this with your friends and fans. You're touching the lives of real people, and I want them to know.

Best wishes,
Tereska Walsh

Totally am going to use this to get myself some extra crunchy treats...

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Wow, Max. That's pawsome.

Holy crapola dude, you're a super hero!

How. Cool. Is. That???? Max, you deserve a whole steak!

Job well done, Max. Not that we're surprised. *high paws*

Oh Max! As she never lets anyone forget, my Human is a teacher and knows the truth of experiences like the one this nice lady describes: you never know what is going to speak to the heart and mind of a kid and get him or her hooked on a book! You should be honored, my furiend! You really changed this boy's life, ya know? And that's a really good thing. Worth several pounds of real live fresh dead shrimp or a toothsome treat from your pal, Mr. Denny. Kudos!

you really are awesome! i think you deserve a party. your publicist should foot the bill. this story will increase the sales of your books.

kintaro, tt & kippie

Little Dude! You are an inspurration. Hope you get some real live dead shrimp!

We are totally not surprised, I hope she gave him the full illustrated version to read on accounta we needs to gets 'em young Maxie so when we take over the world it's more than just the crazy cat ladies (who by then will all be like waay old and just want to knit us hats & stuff).

That Woman was all leaky reading the story so we'll let that speak for itself...or 'herself' as the case may be.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Wow, that made my human (who is a writer and editor by profession) feel warm all over! How wonderful that you made a BIG difference in this young human's life, Max!

OMC, Max, you're a bonafide hero!

Now THAT'S World Domination.

Well of course Max. I never had any doubts.

I'm proud to know you, Max. And your writing IS brilliant!

Wow, what a warm, fuzzy feeling this must give you!
(it gave us one, too!)

Shrimp. Hold out for shrimp on this one.

Wow. That's incredible. You must be burstin' at the seems with purrs.


Making a difference in someone's life. That's all anyone could hope to do. Well done!

Nancy & Little Nicky

You made a difference in the life of a child and that kind of greatness is priceless and memorable! You really are Mr. Awesome!

I'd say ya deserve a whole bag of treats!

that is AWESOME!!!

we allus knowed you rock, dood. it's furry nice to know ofur folks see it, too. hyoooge concatulations!!

Aww max this made me cry from happiness. I'm a recent fan, I believe you're the most awesome kitty ever.

Proud to be your friend (& Buddah's) Max!!!

It had to happen. After all, you are the reason my mommy (and many others) started blogging.
Literary inspiration!
Well done!


Ditto on what everyone said. The more you write the more chances people will have to read your stuff. Not only books but your blog posts and other things. Which is very cool when you think about it. Hopefully, he'll be a new fan one of these days and find out how totally awesome you always are.

Amazing, you should be proud Max!

Wow Max, you is a hero to these peoples. Way to go!

Wow! And you are getting a lot of real live dead shrimps, right?

I am not surprised. You changed MY life, and my Mom's. Concatulations. You did great, and it's really nice to know your wonderfulness is understood even beyond those of us with four furry legs.

I'm with Ayla Iza and Marley. You're getting lots of real live dead shrimp tonight, right?

That is so Pawsome Max!!! You are a true hero!

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