Posted by Max | Posted on 10/21/2014 11:56:00 AM

After being asked (politely) 63 times this morning, the Woman oozed out bed and shuffled into the kitchen to open a can for us. She then turned around and shuffled back down the hall, and oozed herself right back into bed, because Food O'Clock and Get Up O'Clock for her are two different things.

Well...about fifteen minutes later the Man woke up and came out into the living room, and it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. We asked him (politely) for breakfast, and since he didn't know the Woman had just fed us (the plate on the floor was no clue, since it could have been a plate from last night), he nicely obliged.

Being all full and warm, I got sleepy, so I crawled under the bed to take a nap, and Buddah got on the top of the tower in the bedroom to sleep.

Then later, when the people were both up, I came out and asked for a snack, and because I was so nice about it I got a few bits of crunchy food. And that's when they started talking and discovered we'd played the Man for extra foods this morning.


Best one got mad. They thought it was funny and declared us to be sneaky and smart and totally deserving of the extra noms.

The other shoe did drop, though. From now on, after our nighttime snack they're going to pick the plates up and stick them in the sink if the dishwasher is already full, so that they'll know that if there's a plate on the floor, the kitties have already eaten.

Still. Score one for the kitties.

We totally rule this place.

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You guys are lucky! The humans here have gotten smart about this trick.

I always try to get food from all da peeps!

Total score! are soooo lucky. We only have one human right now and Meom pretty much knows that she has fed us.

Dip & Dot

Totally score! And I bet they'll forget all about the plate routine after a day or two. I mean, they're OLD, right?

Its tricky ta fool the Beins about food because they "COUNT CANS".

But between when they compare notes about counts, there is an opportunity! Good werk at takin advantage of that...

You can come up with a way to get a second breakfast! Beins have been taught by cats for ages! This requires 2 kitties + 2 plates to = 4 cans of stinky goodness every morning! Cat math, Max! You are the mastermind where food is concerned!

Pretty sure after a few days of extra bending at night, they will slip right back into the old way and right into your paw.

That was very clever of you to get extra treats- my kitties play us both too. 15andmeowing

Then you have to learn to hide the plate. Pushing it under the couch works good for us!