These little farkers...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/29/2014 11:04:00 PM

Photo by Steve Baranoff...found on a GIS and tracked his URL to
...are evil.

There are a couple of them living in a nest in the cherry tree in our front yard, and they're mean. They know there are kitties living here, and they know we can't get to them, so they take an immense amount of sick, twisted pleasure in getting really close to the screen door and yelling at us.

If the front door is closed, they sit outside the window and look in, mocking us with their outsideness.

I can ignore them; I'll watch for a few minutes and then go do something else, because I know I won't be able to get to them, so what's the point in letting them torment me?

But Buddah...he just doesn't get it, so he sits there--or stands and contemplates climbing the screen door--and gets all flustered. He really hates being yelled at, and having it come from a bird is worse than getting yelled at by a person. He really, really, really wants to pounce on one of them and rip their angry little feathers off, right after he bites their little heads off.

Normally I'm in favor of tormenting Buddah, but this is bordering on torture. But we will get a measure of week the People are getting someone to come out and thin the canopy in the tree those birds nest in, and probably cut off a bunch of branches.

Let's see how those little farkers like having their day disrupted.

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Those birds are nasty! You will happy to know, Max, that the cat before me took down one of those things. For some unknown reason, this bummed out my human, but I am sure it deserved what it got.

They're as bad as mockingbirds !!!
~meeko and kiara

(it wouldn't let us use owr blog account)

Be glad you are not outside with them! If they are like mockingbirds, they will chase you and pull your tail!

At least you don't have roadrunners--those birds are beyond mean!

You go, Max! I, too, feel bad for Buddah. Poor kitty needs relief and you are such a good big brother!

Can't you mock them back? If they see you on the windowsill you can bird talk(I think that's called chattering and there as cats who do that quite well)back at them. Make it a test of wills. Bet the bird gives up before you do and you'll be winning. Be glad you don't go outside, there are squirrels out their and they have a mean throwing arm when it comes to hurling acorns.

They must be evil western birds...we've never seen the likes of those. And by your description we hope we never do!

Be careful, those are Migratory Birds and disturbing their nest is a federal offense.

We've never seen THOSE birdies around our house! They're called "Farkers", huh?

Oh Max. Life is not fair. Those birdies aren't even tasty. Kinda boney too.

Robins are migratory too and you don't see anyone running with handcuffs when their nests get disturbed! Get facts before you start commenting. The only ones protected federally are endangered species and even they have problems at times!

Actually, whoever posted that they're federally protected is right; disturbing their nests is illegal. However, we don't know where the nest actually is; there are a number of trees around here, but if the nest is in the trees we're trimming, it will be left alone. No worries there.

OMC! My name is Steven and those things are the debbil, disguised as crunchy flying treats. One afternoon, as I was casually strolling the rooftop as part of my effort to keep the neighborhood safe, three of these feathered menaces attacked me. My hoomin heard a ruckus so she ran outside. That "ruckus" was me rolling down a section of the roof after they knocked me over. Being the cruel, wicked person she is, she actually ran and got a camera to take a video of the vishus attack! Eventually she helped me down, but those turd birds are pure evil!