Ohhhh yeah...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/22/2014 09:11:00 PM

Doods. Doods. Doods. I totally scored tonight.

You guys know our dinner rule, right? If a kitty is good and doesn't try to get on the table or bite anyone or be too obnoxious, he gets a bite if what the people are eating it kitty friendly. If it's not kitty friendly, then a couple of crunchy treats are given as a substitute.

Well, tonight was crock pot chicken, which is totally kitty friendly, so I was as good as I could be, and when the Woman was done she put a little chicken on my plate, and a little on Buddah's, and then she asked me where Buddah was because he didn't come out.

Well, my mouth was full so I couldn't answer.

She went about putting stuff in the dishwasher and I went over to the Man, who was still eating, but he said I was out of luck because I already had some. Which is fair, but it still sucks.

But doods. The Woman said, "Come over here, Max," so I went over to her...and she picked me up and put me on the counter and let me eat Buddah's chicken!

"Ya snooze, ya lose," she said.

He was asleep in the back of the house and didn't even know it was dinner time, and the People don't announce it so it's not like I took anything away from him. A guy really has to be on his paws to get dinner bites, and he was not on his paws at all. No, he was flat on his back, cooling his junk in the breeze from the overhead fan.

Best thing? In about 45 minutes it'll be time for our regular night snack, and I'll still get my full share even though I got TWO dinner bites.

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Dude that is like a total score. I at least I think it was. I'm too picky to eat anything the Woman might have touched...

Somebody dropped a luck bomb!! We had hamsteak and everybody got tiny bites!!

Good job, Max! Anyone who sleeps through dinner should not be rewarded for being good--I mean, what choice did he have? Any chance he'll still be asleep when it's snack time?

But I have a bone to pick with the Man. Like he couldn't spare ONE little bite from his plate? So selfish! No purrs for him.

You are SO lucky - my human is so chintzy with food and treats - we never get more than our "fair share." Although I have to say, if we had the same rules at our house, Binga would never get any treats or tastes at all - she has NO manners!

Way to go!


That is a TOTAL score, Max! But I agree with Spitty about The Man. Boo on him.

total score!

Double score!! Heh-heh.

Wow, Max, that was a total score. Two kitty-friendly snack bites PLUS getting the Woman to give you head skritches at 4:00 in the morning. Yesterday was definitely your day.Sorta like a second birthday or something and you know you can't have too many of THOSE each year.

That was great Max! The woman.....she loves you, ya know.

Swweeet! Well-played Max, what Buddah doesn't know, doesn't hurt him, MOL

Enjoy your treats!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

You scored, Max. And it was only right that you got Buddah's share.

Way to score Max.

You are one lucky guy!

Ya got ta eat Buddahs's foods? That is TOTAL score...