Man, I hate to do it, but...

Posted by Max | Posted on 4/01/2014 12:00:00 AM

It's time to give these up.

I love them, I do, but I'm losing my girlish figure.

My muscles are hard to see.

It's time.

I've had my last Twinkie.

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I've never had one of those! My human prefers those Hostess things that are covered in fake chocolate. And of course, I am not allowed near those, just in case there is any actual chocolate in them.

OOOHHHHH Twinkies!!!!

The Florida Furkids

Sure, Max. Sorry you had to do it.
Wink, Wink.

You know, we've never been interested in those. But as you said girlish and you were a boy, we think you were funning us.

As someone once said and I paraphrase: "It's better to have known what they taste like and lost than never to have had Twinkies at all". Your news is sad-making, though. Do you suppose you can replace them with lunch meat? My cat loooved honey ham so she would have recommended it highly.

We're anxious to see if this pans out. MOL!

Happy Tuesday!

Poor Max! I've had to give that stuff up too. Sucks to be us! :-)

april fool?

Happy April Fools!

At least we'll know who to blame if they go out of business again. Could you live with yourself Max?

Givin up foodz? Dis has gotta be an April Fool's joke!

Did you knows we don't have Twinkies in Canada? Mom says she's never had one but that's probably a good thing 'cuz she's already fat enough, MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

This just HAS to be an April Fools!!

Are you fooling us Max? You know it is that day. Since when do you really care about your girlish figure, you ain't a girl!

Yeah right, good one MOLOLOL!!!!!!!

As long as you have nip bananas the Twinkies will not be tough. MOL

We *almost* fell for it!

Oh that comment about wanting your "girlish figure" was supposed to be an April fool's joke? Even though you say you have to give up Twinies I figured the comment was because you want to look svelte.

I'd believe it more if it wasn't posted on the 1st of April...

hahahaha so funny!! :D i love your blog!!