OK, the people are getting ready to leave, so everyone can come over for THoE, primo nip, real live fresh dead shrimp, and a rip-roaring house trashing PARRRRR-TAY! Just hide and be quiet when the Younger Human is here!

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We're on our way! We just got let out of purrison and we're ready to go with some good house trashing.

We's on our way! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

YAY! Has a safe trip Woman and Man!

We're good at ThOe!

Our deep purrs on the loss of your Grandpa...



Bendrix and I are here to keep you company. I told Bendrix no puking in the shoes in honor of your grandpa. The pillows are OK right?

The Younger Human won't notice that until it is to late. We can't puke quiet tho. Poo yes, puke no.

Wishing your beans a safe trip without to many sticky little people stains on their clothes (hey, I've seen my bean's stuff at the end of the day). We are sorry for the loss of your Grandpa. Purrs and hugs to your Woman.

WE will be right there! We hope it is cooler there!

I'm here!

Gotta keep Hendrix and Bendrix in line. Well, maybe Sugar Pie, anyway. I'm coming!

We hadda great time trashin an hidin yesserday!

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Is it too late? Can I still come over? My Human is try8ing to grow nip but it's a sad enterprise and I'd love to get some of yours, MOL!