Finally, the people are home. But you know what? They went away and they didn't bring me anything! That's, like, a LAW. You go away, and when you come back you bring Max a present. But nooooo...not a freaking thing. Not even a crappy little shot glass from an airport gift shop. Sheesh.

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Not even shot glass???? We at least get a magnet.
~Meeko & Kiara

pee ess- We's glad yur beans made it back safe.

I believe the words "pooping" and "pillow" should be invoked here.

Crappity crap crap crap. Unfair!

Trying to think of an appropriate funeral souvenir...

Poor Max. Your people are just asking to be snubbed.

Our people just got back in the week too and they always bring us back stuff. Now you mention it though, we didn't get anything this time. No treats, nothing. Maybe they are keeping something back as a surprise.

Geez, Max, have a heart! It wasn't like it was a **fun** trip for them, you should just be grateful they are home with you now.

Okay, who am I kiddin'? They totally should've brought you something. No excuses!

Not even a pebble from the cemetery? Wow!

they SHOULD haf bringed you back something from that dude shlotsky

We thought they were ALWAYS spossed ta bring ya at least some chicken! That wasnt right of them not to.

Same here Max, mum left and didn't bring us anything back. Although she did bring us back from the kittie spa.