Aw man... We lost another great friend. Luxor unexpectedly ran off to the Bridge. He'd been sick, but still...was not expecting that. Losing him and Fat Eric and pretty much the same time? Man, that hurts...

Cat blogging legends...
Dooods, you will be missed like crazy.

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it's a bad sad day in the cat blogosphere - we are heartbroken over losing 2 of our oldest and dearest friends.

We can't believe that they are both gone. We are still teary over Eric and now our friend Luxor too?!

Soo sad. Did you know little Wintergreen at daily dose of dogs, aka cats in your coffee died, too?

It is a pretty crappy week in the CB, first Winnie, then Fat Eric and now Luxor. We are so sad for Luxor and are sending his mom lots of purrs and prayers.

It is so sad to lose Luxor ans Fat Eric. They were our herons and are legends!

I haz a sad.

It has been a sad day full of tears. We will miss our friends.

You are so hurts like hell........

into the light...
Luxor and Eric....

we'll miss you both so much



Such a very very sad day. {{{hugs}}}

It's been a crappy day Max.

Yesterday's suckage level was very high. Not all that much better today either.

So sad, so sad ...

Hi Max- I thinks this is hardest on all you legends. To see furends you has fur so long. I knows yous one to keeps your feelings close to your furs, but I knows... I knows...
We purrs fur all the legends and their fambilies.

Thank you for the lovely tribute to Fat Eric, and for all the kind thoughts.


Oh no! ((hugs))

We're really gonna miss these guys!

Thank you so much, Max, for posting that photo of Lux - I hadn't seen it in a while.

Lovely tribute to him and Fat Eric!