It's a little late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

The people left us alone ALL DAY LONG, and they didn't turn the heat up before they left so by the time they finally decided to come home I had icycles hanging off my already useless nipples. All day long I kept thinking about how everyone else was getting turkey today and I was home alone (Buddah doesn't count) and COLD and TURKEYLESS.

It was a very depressing day.

But then! THEN! The People came home and they said "Guess what! Auntie Marla sent a surprise home for you!"

So Buddah and I waited on the floor and we asked "What? What? What?" but she made us wait while she cut our surprise up and then stuck it in the I'm-too-damned-impatient-to-wait-for-the-oven box for FIVE WHOLE SECONDS...and you know what it was? Do you?

It was TURKEY! And it wasn't just tiny bites, it was, like, FOOD. I scarfed mine down and Buddah just took a couple of small bites and I asked, "are you gonna eat that? Because if you're not, can I have it?" and Buddah said "I really would like some crunchy treats," because he's backwards that way, he only likes a tiny taste but wants treats, so the Woman gave him treats. And I was good, I waited until he had his treats and when he said he was done I jumped up on the counter and finished his turkey for him.

Now I'm all sleepy, but turkey will do that to you, especially surprise turkey. So today I am thankful for surprise turkey, and having an Auntie Marla who sends it home to me because I have lame people who won't stay home and cook for the kitties.

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