The girl kitty is still in the room with the rumbly bikes,but the Woman says that's ok because even though it's going to get really really cold outside tonight the rumbly bike room will stay warm enough for a little kitty. She put up notices all over the neighborhood that say HEY I FOUND YOUR CAT but no one has called about her yet. And the Woman took her to the Esspeeceeay today but just to see if she'd eaten any chips. I guess that if you eat chips, they can figure out where you got the chips from, and take you back there.

Oh and she's getting ideas about feeding ME chips!

I don't think we're going to keep her, because if the People can't find where the girl kitty lives and the Esspeeceeay doesn't have a space for her (they don't all weekend, they told the Woman than when all she really wanted was to see if the kitty ate any chips) then they might try to find her a new forever home. The Man won't even go out in the garage to play with her because he thinks if he does he's going to get attached but the Woman says that's too bad, she's already attached.

I have to admit I am kind of curious about this little girl and I don't mind her smell on the Woman (though I don't get to smell a whole lot because the Woman scrubs her hands under HOT water when she comes inside) but I don't need a sister or a girlfriend. That little girl is LOUD when she's talking! She might be even louder than me!

That's impressive.

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