Can you believe it! They brought a tree into the house! It’s fricking huge, too, going all the way up to the ceiling. It’s like my own personal wet dream. A tree of my own!

I’ve spent my whole life looking out the window at trees, and they’ve always appealed to me. I know birds spend quite a bit of time sitting in trees, so my hopes are pretty high that sooner or later one will pop out—snack time!

What I don’t get is why they put all these shiny things on it. They’re fun to play with (even though I get yelled at) but the tree would have been awesome without them. The Man put lots of bright lights on it, and the Woman put the shiny dangling things…I had loads of fun playing last night while they were asleep (a good time to play, because they can’t yell at you then.)

And I haven’t tried it yet, but they put the little sofa close to the tree, so I can make a leap from it to the top of the tree—just in case that bird shows up.

The only problem, as I see it…that tree tastes nothing like I expected it to.

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