He's a jerk

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/12/2018 09:01:00 AM

No, he really is.

This morning he pooped in front of the litter box. It's not that the box was too gross to use; he did it because he could, because he thinks there's some kind of power play going on and I won't step over it to get into the box.

I totally would have, if the Woman hadn't noticed like 30 seconds later. She cleaned it up, rendering his alpha posturing useless.

He's also been stalking me. He's way too obvious about it, so he winds up getting yelled at and a pointy finger jabbed in his direction. You want to piss Buddah off? Jab a finger at him. You don't even have to get close, he just has to see it. He knows what it means. Sometimes it even makes him cry.

But the worst part about the stalking is that my eyesight is going. He's a black kitty and if he's in the hallway when the lights are off, I can't see him. If I can't judge the threat level, I just won't go down the hall, because I can't trust him to not jump on me and start biting. The other morning, before the Woman got up, I wound up taking my nap in the living room because I knew he was back there somewhere, and I couldn't take a chance.

The Woman noticed. So during the day she's keeping the hall lights on, and at night there's a night light now. It's not quite bright enough, so this week the Man is stalling a floor-level LED strip. That should give me enough to at least figure out where Buddah is, but not so bright that it bothers the people while they sleep.

Kitchen lights are on at night. The front porch light is on and it's bright enough to make the living room visible.

None of this would be needed if Buddah wasn't such a furry little asterisk.

I know y'all think he's cute. You can be cute and a jerkwad at the same time, though. I miss the days when I was bigger than he was and could pin him to the floor with a warning growl.

Getting old sucks.

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Max, our blind dude here, Bud, feels your pain. The meezer cat here thinks he has to flex his mancatly muscles sometimes, and aims them at me. But then he gets tossed in the sun room to cool his furry hindquarters for awhile.

Yup, getting old sucks. I would be better if he'd had some respect in the first place...Zippy gotted cataracs and couldn't see well in da dark but she didn't hafta worry about being jumped on. Even if she couldn't see one of us coming all we were going to do was help her to where ever she was going.

You know Max, I've noticed that about black cats. They absolutely can be JERKS. I can say that, I've had five of them now, and every one of them had some sort of "cattitude" towards my other cats.
I think it's because they WANT to believe they're PANTHERS in miniature and must act mean and superior to those with whom they grudgingly share a domain. When in fact, the sad reality is they aren't panthers at all, they know it, and they have inferiority complexes and fear they aren't as pretty as their multi-color coated counterparts. Poor Buddah. Poor Max.

Yes, getting old does suck, doesn't it! Sorry you are having these problems but happy to know your humans care so much for you they are doing what they can to help. Losing one's sight is no fun!

Max, at least the hoomins have set up lighting to try to even the score! Maybe you each need your own cat space, like we've done for Angel and Da Boyz. And ne'er the twain shall meet...

I have a Buddah named Max. A calming pheromone collar helped. He's also getting kitty Prozac. He's stopped beating up on the other cats and stopped peeing everywhere.

Sorry, pal. Ivan acts the same way toward Caroline and our mom always has to intervene. We're glad the Woman and the Man are trying to help out.

You could always bite him, too, you know.

Sometimes cats get more aggressive to another cat that is developing a weakness. I'm sorry this seems to be happening to you.

Max, after ll these years, we are really sad to read that your eyesite is failing. We mean, you must only be 25 or so. So here is hoping you get Buddah kept in line some way!