Yes, she should be nervous...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/18/2018 04:27:00 PM

That was what the Woman asked when she walked into the bedroom and saw this:

Look close...Buddah is there...
And the answer is, of course, yes, she should worry. But really she should only worry a little bit about us being in the same room together, and more about Buddah finding his way up.

The room has been like this for a while now, but he just now had an epiphany about the top of the bookcase, and from there he can launch his massive asterisk right onto the bed. So if she's going to worry about anything, that's probably what she needs to focus on.


The next book in the Return of the Wick Chronicles series is pretty much done. The editor has read it and really likes it, the beta readers have read it and found some really stupid typos, and the consensus is that everyone is gonna love Hyrum. We've seen a mockup of the cover and it's spiffy. We're just kind of in the hurry up and wait part, and with summer there's more waiting than hurrying it seems. But since the last one only came out like 6 weeks ago I shouldn't be all twitchy about it, but I dig this book and want it out NOW.

The first book, The Whens of Wick, is getting good buzz but oddly no Amazon reviews.

Book two is called The Book of Hyrum. You'll never guess who it's about.


The People carted me off to the stabby place this week (as whined about in this week's Ask Max Monday column over at Mousebreath, complete with pictures) to get some followup bloodwork done, and they got the results today. Everything looks good and they have my medication dose nailed down, so I won't have to go back for a few months unless something else pops up. I'm only two days away from 17, so things might pop up, you never know. But for now, all is well.


I yelled LET ME OUT a lot when I was there, but the only one who let me out was really rude and took my blood, so I pooped on him.

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Wow, onety-seven! That's fabulous, and you don't look a day over 9.

We gotta steal mom's kindle to get those books

OMC, the Woman *should* worry. When our mom is snoozing on the couch and Elliott jumps on her from the floor, she has a complete bird. Can you imagine what it would be like to get jumped on from a height like that?

Glad da vet visit went well!

I almost didn't see Buddah there! Yes, The Woman should worry. Eric used to launch his 23 pounds on to me from the cabinet. That wasn't very high at all but always winded me. I am glad the blood test was good. If I don't get back in time, happy 17th birthday in 2 days time.

Max, pooping on the vet was a purrfect display of your feelings! They need to learn to treat their elders better; no more trips to see them...

buddah !!!! high pawz dude...984 ta bee eggz act... !!

N max...if ya due knot get bak thuz way again; best fishez, mice creem dizhez N happee day wishez two ewe...heerz hopin yur birthday total lee rocks, stay IN trubull & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez & healtheez ~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

Well pooped, my dear kitty! My suggestion now is pee on him cause it is quite tough to get the odor off if kitty pees on you. That way the human remembers the sin and the kitty is all smiles and well satisfied. Love you Max!

Ayla spends her nights on the folded towel atop of the shoe rack, but of course she has ta jump down sometimes. She is pretty good about not landing on my feet, but sometimes my feet aren't where they usually are and it IS dark, and sometimes she lands on them. That is a Very Sudden way to wake up! ~ TBT