Yeah, I don't get it, either...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/07/2018 06:03:00 PM

Every time the People buy bananas, Buddah goes bat crap crazy and spends more time than can be possibly healthy licking them. No one knows why. If they open one and offer him a bite, he backs up and looks at them like they farted, but hanging there or resting on the counter, it's LickaPalooza.

I wish I had a picture of the end result of all his licking. It only takes a day or two, and the banana is covered in thing brown streaks from where he's licked, and it's damn near art. Long, sweeping streaks made up of hair-width lines, some running the length of the banana, some swirled like the sky in a Van Gogh painting.

Kinda thinking we should preserve them in acrylic and make some money off him, but the People always eat the damn things before I can figure out how to do that.

But really...what the heck? I'd say you are what you lick, but I've licked some pretty nasty things...

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Maybe he thinks they are nip nanas?

To each their own we guess

At least take some pictures.

Max, some of us have shown an interest in bananas but we've never licked them. But we respond the exact same way as Buddah when our mom peels one! They are gross.

Ok gotta be Something in that banana. I’ll go lick one & get back to you.....

MOL, maybe he wants some potassium?

Its the skin fubgus. We bet Buddah might eat a mushroom in small pieces.

Time for a banana-licking intervention, Buddah!

I agree with Vicat in the idea that he thinks it is nip nanas. Of course Buddah is his own kitty so no telling what is going on in his lil kitty brain. Good luck investigating it!

PS. Wash them before putting them out. I know that there is no telling what has crawled on them or handled them before shipping or delivering them!