Posted by Max | Posted on 1/04/2018 09:06:00 PM

The Woman turned the fireplace on at 7:30.

I'm not moving until it's snack o'clock.

And yes, the Christmas stuff is still up. Well, the inside stuff. The outside decorations came down a few days ago.

No hurry. The tree makes for a nice cover for my mancat cave thingy, so I'd like to keep it up for a while longer. Like, until 2019.

Ooh. Snack o'clock. Yay.

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Our decor is still up too.

OH that looks comfy. I need a big bed like that one. None of these small Chey sized beds!

Just reading 'snack o'clock' has made me think of something to eat! LOL!

You have prime position there, which is as it should be.

Our stuff is still up, but mum says the trees are getting put away soon.

Yer lucky! OUR fireplace is in the dingy cold basement, and there are no cushions. We need to discuss that with TBT!

Your people treat you like a king, Max. We wish we had a fireplace and a bed like that to put before it!

Do your thing oh mighty cat Max! Take naps, eat well, drink lots of water, and just enjoy it! ❤