It's my vacation, too!

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/15/2018 06:32:00 PM

The Woman and I have been working a lot lately, long days with lots of hours spent typing and consulting and pouring over notes. We got the first draft of the next Wick After Dark book done and set it aside to let it simmer, because it's super long and we know we need to trim it down a bit, but it's hard to cut fun stuff that quickly.

Then we started a Wick short story, which wound up more like a novella, and we finished it just in time for the People to take a quick trip to Disneyland. While they play, the Younger Human is taking care of Buddah and me, and since we've done a lot of writing lately, I get to take a break, too.

So them leaving is my vacation, too. I'm going to spend it napping a lot. And when my naps are over, I'm going to stretch, turn around, and go to sleep.

They're only gonna be gone a couple days, so I can only get a few extra sleeps in, but hey, that's still a vacation.

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It sounds like you really need a break, Max!

Oh, and I guess your human does too.

Max, with all you do and how you teach and the books you publish, you need a vacation! Enjoy the younger human and rest well and be happy. ❤

We hope the YH leaves that DD Butters behind when he tends to your needs, Max.

Enjoy the vacay! catchatwithcarenandcody

Bet you'll be looking out the window at the wildlife too, Max!

Nothing better than a nap followed by a long well-deserved sleep! And maybe another nap...

Sometimes, I wish I had a block-and-tackle to hoist myself here or there, Max! Little steps won't do too much, but it's the thought that counts, right?!?