Today, he is 12...

Posted by Max | Posted on 3/15/2017 11:29:00 AM

Hard to believe it. I've been putting up with him for twelve years. But, the people seem to like him, even though he's a bitey sort of cat, and even though he's taken to yelling at them when they don't bend to his will.

Seriously. He throws temper tantrums.

He hasn't gotten any presents yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll get something tonight, after dinner. I'm 99% sure I saw the Woman hide a new nip banana in a drawer the other day, and birthdays are always a prime day for real live fresh dead things.

Happy birthday Buddah Pest. One more year, and you'll be a man.

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Happy Purrthday Buddah. I do hope you get nice things for your purrthday. Good foods too.

Happy Birthday Buddah!!! You are ALMOST a teenager :)

Happy birthday Buddah!

Happy Birthday Buddah!

Happy Birthday Buddah! Hope you have a good day

The big 12, that's impressive. I hope you get lots of treats Buddah. Happy birthday food.


That was supposed to say dood, but it changed to food. I guess both work though. MOL.


Happy birthday sweet Buddah! And many more! May they all be as special as you are! ��������������

Happy, happy birthday to Buddah! We miss reading his run-on sentences.

Happy birthday Buddha, hope the next year brings lots of nip and crunchy treats.

Happy 12th Birthday Buddah!!
Be sure to get spoiled...lots!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Happy Birthday, Buddah!

Happy purrday Buddah.
Max, please give him a furry kiss on his special day!

Happy Birthday Buddah! We hope you have had a good day!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you Buddah!

Happy Birthday!!!! Our oldest fur-baby turned 12 in December..... he's a little crabbier in his old age than he used to be, but still loves to be close (not cuddly-close, but close--like his arm on my arm when I"m typing!!!)....

Happy birthday, Buddah!

Happy belated Meowday. big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Happy belated Birthday Buddah! Hope you got the good stuff.

Happy birthday, Buddah!

Hey there, Happy Birthday! You're almost as old as me. Here's to many more, and Happy Sunday to you as well!!