We're gonna just work tonight...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/08/2016 05:34:00 PM

I got the Woman up at 5:30 this morning so that she would have enough time to really wake up before going out to vote. She grumbled about it, and said that she had all freaking day to do it, but I know she wanted to be sure to get it done. And she was out the door and home by 7:40, so I hope she appreciates my efforts on her behalf.

But...we don't really want to sit here glued to the results. Whether we're watching or not, the winner will be who the winner will be. And watching the talking heads spout back and forth about early polls and who's winning what can just be frustrating. So we're gonna turn the TV off and work.

The Grandma is still in the hospital, so ongoing mojo is greatly appreciated. It's been a week now and she's still in ICU--she was out and in a regular bed for one night but then had to go back--and we just want for her to get better really fast. You guys know how much I love the Grandma, she's pretty free with the treats and tells me I'm handsome, and is just a super special person. So I want her to be better.

So...back to work. We've done a bunch of editing today, implementing some little things the editor suggested (apparently I use the word "really" a lot) and once we get that done the Woman wants "one more pass." Tomorrow she promised to work on the 3rd book with me, which basically means she takes my notes to Starbucks and drinks tea.

But yeah...Mojo for the Grandma, and don't sweat the vote. It is what it is.

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Purrs for The Grandma

We're sorry so much is going on, Max. We meant to leave a comment last post but our mom is an old bat and forgets stuff. (We think we stopped her as she was about to relate her own irrelevant appendix story actually.) Anyway, we will purr for the Grandma, for the Woman and even for the Man and Buddah while we're at it, and hells yes the country too. We are not watching TV either.

Sending purrs for your Grandma, Max.

A big bunch of mojo and purrs and prayers for grandma! I have a "gut" feeling that she wil be just fine. That feeling has been incredibly right since I had to ride a stagecoach to high school. It will take time but keep believing she will be fine. Love y'all.

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Yeah, TBT voted and then watched a science DVD wile the election results cam in. When he returned to the TV, it said Trump had one. He went to the baffroon, threw up a few turns and then stayed in bed fer 12 hours. We kind of liked that, but he tossed and turned all night and that was a bit annoying. And then did that for several days.