I'm being extra good right now...

Posted by Max | Posted on 11/05/2016 12:38:00 PM

The Woman just said that this has been a really craptastic week and she would like a do-over. I concur. It has not been a happy week, and is making me think 2016 needs to end already so that 2017 can start and maybe reboot everything.

The Grandma's appendix attacked her and went -splooge- and got a spendy ride to the stabby place; the stabby guy yanked it out of her, but she hasn't felt well at all since so she's still there, and has been since Tuesday. Her heart got all fluttery and they took care of that, but she also feels like she wants to hurl. So they gotta fix that, too.

Buddah's helping by just doing this. Good for him.
The Woman has having "issues" of a human female nature that I don't understand but it's making her cranky because she says that chit stopped 2 years ago and never shoulda come back, and she made the mistake of looking at Google before the Man could call her stabby person (who said to quit freaking out because it happens sometimes and is rarely all the awful things Google told her it could be...but he's seeing her Monday to appease her.) She's super tired and queasy, though, probably because she looked at Google first.

Then Jeter went to the Bridge, and we've all been super sad because he was Teh Man. The only thing making me feel any better about that is thinking he's with Rocky and Mao and Whitey and Skeezix probably picked him up right at the entry in his spiffy yellow bus and I bet he even let Jeter drive it.

Everyone here is tired and pulled thin...but everyone will be okay soon, they just gotta get through it. But Buddah and I have been very good and not singing during the night. I even cuddled with the Woman this morning, and when she gets back later I'll cuddle with her some more.

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good mancat, Max. but don't be *too* good, or that'll freak her out, too.

Good boy, Mr. Awesome! You are definitely doing everything right. I think the woman needs your cuddling. Purrs will be welcome for sure!

Yeah,The Woman needs to get things checked out as soon as possible, and hopefully it is nothing to worry about. That happened to my mum too and she went to the doctor right away, and she got her to see the specialist. The Woman might remember about my mum, and she had an op, and they caught it early, and now she is all clear and has been for the last 5 years. I hope your Grandma is soon feeling better.
I still can't get my head around the grate Jeter Harris having to go to the Bridge. I hope he meets up with Eric.

We don't keep track of Bein medicals much, TBT seems pretty healthy. But after reading yer post, he told us that HE had the 'pendicitus thing at 18 the week before Xmas and spent it in the hospital. It was ABOUT to break. And a girl he knew from high school shaved him you-know-where.

And our sympathies to you about yer Mom bein cranky about the girl stuff. Even us girlcats dont know much about that, but TBT says EVERYONE cringes when THAT subject comes up so it doesnt sound good.

Hope next week is better...

I'm sorry things have been so rough at your place, Max! You are right, 2016 has been a No Good year.

Well chit. This latest news did not make my humans week any better. Glad your human is getting it checked out. Yes, Google is most often wrong but get it checked!

We hope this week will be a good one for your human! Sometimes it feels like a landslide hit you but humans seem to muddle through, especially when they have a warm furry to cuddle with them.

We like the mental picture of Skeezix picking up Jeter in the yellow bus. Poor Skeez waited for many years on this earth for that opportunity.

Yeah, sometimes we must humor our beans. Purr on them so they feel better.

Hope the Grandma is all better soonest.

oodles of purrs all around. I hope the woman gets some good answers that she likes

Hope everyone is feeling okay very soon!!