See this bed?

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/29/2016 07:54:00 PM

The Woman bought it for me because it's meant for old bones, and she thought I would like something really spiffy to lounge upon in front of the fireplace this year. It was not cheap, which of course means that I sat on it once (as you can see) and then refused to go near it again.

I like my other fireplace bed, and wanted it back. So she finally caved in, and put my preferred napping surface back in place, and the Man took this one and set it on the coffee table in the front room. He never intended to leave it there; it was just until they figured out where it would live permanently.

Then this happened. Several times.

I didn't like the bed, but someone else did. And he really likes it on top of the coffee table.

The People don't drink coffee, so they decided it could live there for now, until Buddah gets tired of it, then they'll move it someplace else.

See, everybody wins.

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Ha! We love it! Once again, the kitteh'z wants come before the humans!

It all worked out just as it should!

That looks like a nice comfy bed so Buddah is happy.

Glad you got your favorite fireplace bed back.

OMC We can't believe you didn't like dat pawsum lookin' bed gawjus. It's purretty amazin'. Big hugs. Have a pawsum day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Of course Buddah would like the bed up higher like that. He rulz! Thank you for stopping by and commenting for Angie. I think she knows more now that she is on the other side. :-)
Mom Brenda