Happy Blogoversary to me!!!

Posted by Max | Posted on 10/26/2016 09:17:00 AM


We started this blog 13 years ago, when the Man and the Woman and I were living in Evil, Ohio, where there were tons of sticky people outside my window and lots of red stupid drinks being consumed.

In that time we engaged in the M-Word way too many times, Buddah came to live with me, a bunch of you helped write 2 cat blogger books (we totally need to do that again!), I bought a house (don't let the people fool you, I know I paid for it), and I've met so many super cool doods. A lot of the cats who started blogging along with me have gone onto the Bridge--and I miss them like crazy--but we'll see 'em again on the flipside. So many new kitties have taken up blogging that there's no way to keep up with them all.

And to think...when I started, I couldn't find any others. Now look at you all.

Thirteen years, doods.

Thanks for making it awesome and fun.

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Wow! That is older than any of us. Concats. WE hope to see many more posts and books. Your blog was the first one we ever read?

Angel, Kirby, Max and mom Nan

You're the reason that we started blogging, Max. You've made a lot of internet strangers into a huge group of friends.

Rock on Max!!!

You started us Max. Well, Skeeter and LC, but we got dragged along for the ride after they left... Happy BLOG day to one of the originals!

Max, Mark here. Thank you for doing what you did and have done. I wouldn't have celebrated our 10 Bogoversary recently if it wasn't for you. I read you before I retired 10 years ago. And one day you or someone linked by you posted a "Start Free Blog" button and I tried it.

It started with Skeeter and LC not knowing what a glass door or a fence really was. Or who *I* was but they learned by trying to post. Because of you.

Who would have guessed that 10 years later we would reach 3,500 posts?

You are the whiskers under their ears, the wind in their parasails, and the kibbles they chase nightly. You are the diffrence between my catss being "just cats" and KITTEHS!

Dude, you are the A Prime! And I thank you!

Congratulations my friend! Here is to 13 more years! I love you and Buddah.


We are impressed by your stamina Max. You are a legend!

Happy blogoversary!

Happy Blogoversary! Thirteen years is very, very impressive. We're not sure if we will make it that long, but maybe so because you did too!

Congratulations on 13 wonderful years, Max. I will raise a niptini to you, and here's to many more years of blogging.

Happy Blogoversary! You are a true inspiration to all of us. Your thinks, your books,your blog, and your Mousebreath coloumn have lifted our spirits, helped humans understand kitties more, and, at times made, us laugh at ourselves. What an inspiration you are! Not only all that but you have helped children get toys and joy at Christmas time, made us more aware of the devastation cancer causes so many women and let your people walk for the cure. No wonder we love you! Thanks Mr. Awesome!

Pal, we owe it all to you! Concats on lucky 13! And that's from all of us, including our old bros and sisters Eddie, Olivia, Pee Queen, Russell and William. We would bow to you but it's almost dinnertime and we have to start circling our mom like sharks. Hope you get some celebratory foods!

13 years! WOW!
That is a pawsome milestone.
We wish you many more too!
We are glad you started this blogging thing and others joined because we have met so many cool cats(and some other critters) in our 9 yeras
of blogging.
Like Flynn, we raise niptinis to celebrate your 13 blogging years!!!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Happy Blogoversary!

You were a trailblazer, Max. Congrats on 13 years!

Happy, lucky 13 to you Max. Derby told me that is was becuz of you that he started blogging.

Happy Blogoversary to you!! We think you're awesome!!

Happy blogoversary, Max! Sparkle started my blog the same year you began yours. I wish she were here to give you her personal congrats.

Happy Blogoversary, Max! You're right, things have really changed over the years. We can't even begin to keep up any more. Guess age catches up with all of us. But we'll raise a niptini that you'll be around for quite a while.