Posted by Max | Posted on 8/17/2016 04:34:00 PM

All righty, doods. The book went live on Amazon for the Kindle about an hour ago, and it's in the distribution system for print and can be ordered, though Amazon says it'll take a couple of extra days. I have not yet seen a print copy, just the e-proofs, but I'll see one tomorrow (I think the hard back, but I'm not 100% sure) and if it looks sucky I'll tell you.


Clicky here for Kindle version.

Clicky here for hard back.

Clicky here for paperback.

I had really expected it to be available like a week ago, but there was a hiccup with the cover of the hard back, and then just silence from the distributor (no idea what was going on there. Maybe too many tacos at lunch and they were all stuck in the litterbox room) but once they got rolling, they got it moving pretty fast.

I am 23 kinds of excited about this book because it was so much fun to write, and I am 698 kinds of nervous because I've never written anything like this.

But doods...you're gonna love Wick.

When I grow up, I want to be Wick.

In fact, I wish I had my fun bits, so I could spawn, and I would name him Wick, so that Wick could continue on. But I don't, so there will just have to be more Wick books. Next one is pretty much outlined to the end (except a few parts) and the vomit draft is half done. Oh yeah, I have found my calling, and it is Wick.

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Oh, yay! Just got my kindle version!

Congratulations, Max! I hope it does amazingly!

Very exciting Max. I'm still waiting for the woman to write a book I dictate. How did you train your person? Mine is so selfish.

We're all excited for you, Max. Oh, and the woman too.

Oh, Mr. Awesome! I am so thrilled! Keep up the great work! Purrs and head bonks my dear friend.

Oh, Mr. Awesome! I am so thrilled! Keep up the great work! Purrs and head bonks my dear friend.

Congrats on the book! TBT has thought about trying that. But he would need a 100 cartons of cigarettes and a dozen cases of wine, and that's probly not a good idea. It would probably be written brilliantly, but in a language no one (including him) can read...

Just ordered the paperback. I'm excited!

It's a great read folks. I'm in my second time through. There was so much I missed because I was racing through to find out what happened next. No kid's story here - very serious at times, but at others it's typical Maxness.