Posted by Max | Posted on 1/01/2016 11:21:00 AM

Last night I was curled up in front of the fire, waiting for those people in New York to drop their ball again--clearly they are not ready for the big league because they never have been able to hold onto it, for like 108 years--and I was thinking about everything coming in the next year. I thought about a question I was asked, what would be some good new years' resolutions, because that's what one does for a new year, right?

And I was all set...eat more real live fresh dead things. Take an extra nap every day. Sit on the Woman's lap more.

Those all seemed really good things to resolve. But then I thought about it and realized that I don't need to have resolutions. I mean, I'll probably do those things anyway. And a resolution is supposed to be about making yourself better. Those things are what I want, not necessarily what I should be.

So I closed my eyes and decided to take a thinking-nap, and let my brain simmer while I dreamed, because making brain soup while you sleep can be a decent enough thing. And I thought up two things, maybe the only things that really matter.

That's it, doods.

Don't resolve to lose weight, stop with the 'nip, or to quit scratching the sofa. Tell yourself the truth: the extra weight is there because I eat more than I need to and move less than I should; nipping out has become a habit; something deep down is making me angry and I'm taking it out on something I can without worry it will hurt me back.

And being kind? That's always a good thing. There will always be someone who annoys you or is mean to you, but that doesn't mean you have to react the way they do. If you can be kind to others, eventually you become kind.

You don't need resolutions to fix yourself; you're already pretty terrific. If you have to do anything, just make those two promises to yourself...because if you're honest with yourself and kind to others, everything else will follow, sooner or later.

Now...that doesn't also mean don't make wishes. I made wishes. I wish for more real live fresh dead things to eat, because that's what I enjoy. I wish for prime napping spots without any Buddah interference, because napping is awesome. I wish for more lap time because it's good for the Woman. But I think in order for 2016 to be spectacular, I really only have to remember those 2 things.

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Sounds good. Happy Mew Year to you!

Very wise advice, Max. =)

Great resolutions Max!!! My human is going to add them to her very short list. For many years her only resolutions have been...

*Worry less about what other people think of you AND do more things to make yourself and other people happy*

She is pretty honest about her choices, but your "Be kind to others" is something she really needs to work on when people try to tell her how "she" should live "her" life.

Wishing you a pur-fect 2016, including lots of food treats.

You have a good thought for the new year. Happy New Year to you.

Sounds like good advice, Max. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Very wise words,Max.Happy NewbYear._❤

Very wise words,Max.Happy NewbYear._❤

Happy Mew Year Max!!!!

Excellent advice! Happy New Year!

The Florida Furkids

You are such a wise kitty, Max!

Purrfect ideas Max! Those are definitely words to live by.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Wise words, Max. Happy New Year.

A most excellent observation Max. We can always afford to show more kindness to others as well as ourselves and being truthful ultimately makes us a better cat or Human. We didn't know you were such a philosophical kind of cat, but you have proven yourself to be a thinker of deep thoughts.

You wish you & your family a Happy New Year & hope all your wishes come true & never lose sight of those 2 resolutions. Action always speaks louder than words.

Awesome! The mom-lady here almost cried. I think she really likes reading your words. Cobalt

Your wisdom amazes and delights me, Mr. Awesome! I believe I will try to do the same as you. (The naps sound like a great plan! See ya in dreamland!) 😥

We find it easist ta make resolutions about things we are gonna do annyway. But those are just resolutions. The impawtant stuff is our secret "wishes" of the kittehs we would really like to become. Those are harder...