Posted by Max | Posted on 11/09/2015 09:16:00 PM

If you have a Kindle, or device with a Kindle app...

You might wanna

Click here.

53, 54 poems (I lost track...) Color pictures. Me.

Hopefully it formatted correctly. The copy we have looks like it is. But...I'm still holding my breath on this one.

And still no word on the print version. I don't think the proof has even been mailed to me yet.

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LOVE the title.

Thank you for letting us know your new book is
available in the Amazon Kindle Store. Got it!
Snuggles from Cobalt's people

Wonderful work, Max!

Getting ours today!
Thanks for the heads up!
Can't wait!

No Kindle for me or anything to do with Amazon!

Love it so far 😊

Sadly, we don't...

It was awesome, Mr. Awesome! Just great and totally your thinks. Love it! 😍 I still will order pawtographed copies cause Christmas!