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Posted by Max | Posted on 11/29/2015 08:14:00 PM

Post-turkey coma
Doods...this time of year is amazing. First there was Thanksgiving and the turkey that goes with it, but it hasn't ended! Every day since there has been something real live fresh dead: more turkey, some ham, and STEAK. The Woman had a steak for dinner just before Thanksgiving and didn't finish it (I know!) so she cut it up into little bites, and stuck it in the freezer.

Well, yesterday she went to give us treats and we were tired of the turkey so she pulled the steak out of the freezer and said we could have some later. And we did.

But then. THEN!

Today she was mucking about in the kitchen and then she went outside to turn on the thing that burps smoke in the back yard. So I watched, because sometimes when that thing is done burping it horks up meaty things. She fed it some really thin things that looked like flat hockey pucks, and it did the whole smoke burp thing, and five minutes later?


Seriously, she made three little steaks, and none of it was for her. It was all to make treats with.

And then. THEN.

It got BETTER.

She pulled a bag of real live fresh dead shrimp out of the fridge and started cutting THAT into little bites, too. When she was done there was a lot of treat bites, so I tapped her on the leg and offered to test-taste them for quality control.

Well. I know she doesn't like shrimp, so it was the polite thing to do. And I got both shrimp and steak, and doods...it was wonderful. Hot, fresh steak that isn't even someone's leftovers, and cool, crisp shrimps.

Today was a good day.

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Yeah, dat sounds like a pawsome day!

Wow! You really hit the real live fresh dead treats jackpot! I just wondered if the younger human's wife 2 be was there too. I bet you get even more good things when she finds out what a super kitty dood you are! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Whoa, you scored! And we can tell by the picture you were very stuffed and ready for a long nap.

Does this make up for refusing to turn on the hot air blower thingy?

Your Woman is SO good to you. Can we come live with you?

Nugget and Sophia

How come my mom isn't as nice?

are you sure you weren't dreaming?

Wow Max you really scored big! Enjoy.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Gee, and I thought I had it good with that huge ham mum has.

wow, it sounds like one of mine dreams - but then I wake up and the mom is snorking and drooling and there are no treats to be found. Your mom rocks. - Miles

It doesn't get any better than shrimps & steak Max. Most cats can only dream of such deliciousness!

WOW! And WE were impressed that TBT nuked a boneless chickie breast today just fer us (no spices or weerd sauces)

Whoa, Max you didn't Facebook about the smoke burper thingy or the shrimp. Guess that means coming over here more often to get the rest of the story. Which is easy now since FB changed the format on your page.