The Man has been building things!

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/11/2015 08:21:00 PM

And clearly, he built this one for me.

I think I'm going to take my next nap here. Maybe up a level, where I can use the towels as a squishy, soft bed.

This is awesome!

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Fantastic! Nap well, Mr. Awesome!

The Beins should stack nice soft blankies on that lower shelf fer you... Easier to get to than that higher shelf.

I bet those towels make awesome beds!

Obviously it wuz made for you!

Sasha and Bindi approve. One of our favorite nap spots.

I love my shelf in the linen closet. Although, mommy did try brandi's blankie there, I am picky. It looks so much better on the chair in the living room!
Black and white kitties rule! Sorry efurryone else!!

Your furry own condo with soft towels to be comfy on.

That is quite the place, Max. Very spa-like and very zen.

Have the people put your zebra mat on that shelf! Perfect place for that mat and you!

Your own cat door to get in would be great too!