Inhale deeply, doods

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/17/2015 08:08:00 PM

Inside this super slow hot thingy is some real live fresh dead chicken. And it's not for the people--it's for me! Well, for me and for Buddah.

I don't know why, but the Woman started doing this a couple of weeks ago, and she always has some real live fresh dead chicken all shredded in a bowl, and she's been giving it to us instead of crunchy treats.

Doods, I don't even mind.


Well, almost on demand. I asked for some a little while ago and she said that it was too close to dinner. But tonight I get some for a treat, and tomorrow, and the next day. AND SHE'LL MAKE MORE!

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You're one lucky dood!

Lucky, chikken is yummy!

Whoa! How can I make my human do this?

Wow. How nice of her. My human is just not that nice..

You is a lucky kitty Max! Our mom bean is too lazy to do stuff like that.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Max, I need to move in with you!

Slowly getting her trained. I need to have mum do this.

Max, the mom did this for us too...well, not for us...she did it for her and the dad-guy, but we got to have a little bit of the shredded chicken and it was awesome!

We FULLY unnerstand! When TBT goes food-hunting evry couple weeks, he allus gets a half chickie breast ta poach. He makes strips for his dipping with part of it, but WE get the rest shredded up and tossed to us as he eats his. WUNNERFUL STUFF!

Awesome Max! Just really enjoy it and I am thrilled for you!

Chicken on demand! How did you train her?

Chicken on demand! How did you train her?

Chicken on demand! How did you train her?

well what did you do to get so darn lucky!