The People went to Disneyland...

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/27/2015 05:18:00 PM

...and what did they bring back for me?

NOTHING, that's what they brought back for me. I expected some real live fresh dead mouse or duck or even Goofy, but no. Not a freaking thing.

In fact, when they came home with so much nothing for me, I had to give them a good hard stare.

Oh, the Woman said they had a lot of fun once they got to go into the parks and they rode all the rides they wanted and walked a bunch of miles every day, but she didn't eat all the food she wanted because she can't eat a big meal and then walk around, but that was fine. She had a couple of good dinners.

That doesn't do ME any good.

Now see that? That came off a damned big bird. I bet she could have gotten one for me, wrapped it in paper and stuck it in a plastic bag, and then brought it home for me. But she didn't even THINK about doing that.

No, she just went about her business, not considering the kitties left at home, drinking her red stupid drinks (even if they were blue) and riding her rides and talking to new people.

I wasn't expecting much.

Just, you know, something to show she was thinking about me while she was off having fun.

Since I don't have any surprise gifts to show you, here's a kitty you don't want to mess wth,

You know you have the tough when even a bear is afraid of you.

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That us srsly sad, Max! They go away a few days and forget all their training.....

We have the sads just thinking of how the woman instantly forgotten you & Buddah were as soon as the woman was out the door. We think it stinks that the humans were so thoughtless & self-serving while on their vacation. The woman took photos of herself scarffing down that smoked leg of some prehistoric burd, but couldn't be considerate enough to bag one up to bring home for you to nom? It would have taken almost no thinking to those one of those legs in a bag & drag it around all day in the warm weather & then thrown it in her bag when she returned home. Surely, the woman knows how you would have enjoyed a splendid protein memento from Disneyland. Of course it would have given you the Hersey's squirts & a killer belly ache that only salmonella can deliver, but still, it would have demonstrate the woman's ability to be thoughtful none the less. Even a gift as chincy as a Mickey Mouse bobble head, would have proven she cares about you. It would have been some proof that the woman was thinking about the kit-tehs she had dumped to take her trip.

But look at the bright side Max, you got a break from the woman & I bet Grandma treated you like a prince. There's still a slight chance that the woman brought back one souvinir from Disneyland - Max have you ever heard of the measles? Hopefully the woman got her booster of vaccine before she entered the Magic Kingdom, 'cuz there is a bunch of people sick from the measles they got exposed to while at the park & they are spreading the disease to lots of different States. If you see red bumps & your tummy starts itching, then the woman did bring you something to remember her trip 50 Disneyland by after all Max. There are some times when getting nothing is a good thing.

Look at the bright side Max. At least they didnt bring you back Measles!

OMG, I should have read the other comments first. GMTA.

I think she *did* bring you back a GREAT souvenir but she is saving it up for Valentine's Day, or maybe St. Patrick's, or wait--maybe Easter. I'm sure it the BEST PRESENT EVER and she has just hidden it somewhere for you.

Why, I bet if you started tearing stuff up right now, you'd be sure to have something really good in, oh, I dunno-- about 24 hours. What do you think?

Max, that bird leg would have fed you and Buddah for at least a couple of dinners, right? So selfish that she kept it to herself.

Visitin a mouse's park and den bringin ya back nuffin??? What da meow?

Oh poor Max! You must be srsly hurt that they did not bring you back anything! You look so sad in that picture that it broke my heart! You need a nip banana! We love you, Mr. Awesome!

It WAS kinda rude of her to have that turkey leg and not bring you some.
Just sayin a little puke in the shoes might be in order...

Consider yourself lucky! The first time my people went to Disney they brought home mouse ears and put on me and Eric. If that wasn't bad enough, they took photos of us for total humiliation.

dood...frank lee we wood bee sayin ....thanx bee ta cod in de seez... that de damn burd stayed at disney ...

faaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~

does thiz get yur mom off de hook....noe.....

does thiz meen therz a hellava houz trash partee at yur place when they leeve again ??? !!!