Seriously, doods

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/05/2014 09:43:00 PM

No matter what the People try to say, I was not crying because my fountain was not working. I was informing. No water was being spit forth, so I sat there and told the Man about it. And when he looked, I said "Fix it, please."

Oh yeah, I was freaking polite about it.

But I did not cry.


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I believe ya.

Humans just don't understand cat language.

Well, sure, physically demonstrating flowing water isnt the same as CRYING. Would they rather ya had peed in front of them?

It's ok Max, we believe you! Our Mom says the same thing when she takes our fountain apart to clean it... accuses us of.. crying!! Oh.. and thank you!! If it hadn't been for you and Buddah talkin' about your drinks fountain, we'd have never gotten one of our own.

He knows he needs to fix it fast or you'll give HIM something to cry about!

If you say so, Max.

wink wink, nudge, nudge!

You may have to speak in "People" rather than in "Cat" next time so he can understand you.

I believe you, Max! Just a little aside here.....I would cry if I was really thirsty and had no water springing up to drink. You were at least polite and patient. Awesome kitty!

I would have sobbed, winked, faked a faint, whatever it takez to get my stuff fixed immediately! And some snacky treats to soothe teh trauma!
~Vicat typing for BratCat teh Ineffible