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Posted by Max | Posted on 5/19/2014 11:33:00 AM

Today at Ask Max Monday, I asked a question instead of answering any...it's all about canned cat food, and I want your opinions.

Mainly...I need a change in food, and want to know what you like and why. So pop on over and leave comments there instead of here--if you comment there, you might be helping a lot of kitties with food issues and not just me.

Oh and apparently as much as I would like it, steak every night is not an option. :/

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Heh. I don't get steak ANY night! Just 'cause the humans here don't eat it is no excuse - they could always get some JUST for us kitties.

We're Fancy Feast moist cat food eaters, but we like Royal Canin dry kibble (the aromatic one) and Hill's Ideal Balance dry kibble. We've tried lots of treats, but we always come back to our Friskies. Go figure.

Happy Monday and chow down!

My cat Pumpkin eats Organix canned cat food. Comes in variety of flavors and her favorite is shredded chicken (doesn't look shredded to me). Have been giving her that since there were two cats (Oreo had IDB, so I was very particular about what to give them and stopped giving them dry food). Organix is not easy to find in NYC pet shops. I get it at an independent health food store, Westerly. Whole Foods used to have it at inflated price. Amazon and the big online store for pets had it last time I looked. My cat is 19 and will be 20 in June.

Whoa Max, that steak looks like the whole half of fresh dead cow. It's HUGE! No wonder Buddah gets some after you finish.

Gimli eats Fancy Feast chicken and liver pate classic. He has diabetes (not over weight) and it's the only thing that does not spike his sugar. Unfortunately for him that is all he is allowed. Except when I give him a very tiny piece of real cooked plain chicken.

My cats just barf as a hobby. Aside from routine hair balls, Mighty Joe seeks out styrofoam and barfs it. I must be ever-vigilent, I don't know where he finds it, it,s not like I can find it. Lala just eats dumb stuff she finds around the house and then barfs it. They get to be on a second story deck whenever they want, and right now there is stuff from the fir trees on it, I clean it all the time, but she eats fir needles and we have a barf-a-thon. I feed them all grain free stuff, Taste of the Wild kibble, various brands of canned food for treats. Other three cats don't barf. Ps I chose anonymouse because its easiest to be a stalker

We left a comment about our foods at yer other site, but wanted ta mention here that while Iza barfs about once a week, its not the food its the volume. Iffen she isnt watched real careful, she will just eat til she explodes... Shes not real smart that way.

Max, you da MANCAT! Buddah gets a small bite and you get the whole bone!!

my cats like the canned Wellness chicken flavor and they eat the dry Wellness for indoor cats. they hardly ever barf. but their poops are tasty