You know what's mean?

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/12/2013 06:53:00 PM

I'm gonna tell you what's mean.

Mean is frying up a giant pan full of sausage for pizza and telling the kitty, "No, not yours."

Mean is putting it on a plate covered with paper towels to soak up the grease and taking a piece for yourself, and then telling the kitty, "Sorry bud, you can't have any."

Mean is sticking that plate in the microwave so the kitty has NO CHANCE to get a bit while it sits on the counter to cool.


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Very mean indeed. And rude. Quite rude.

Uh, it looks like it's for the kitty to ME.

THat is very mean!

OMC, your human broke ALL sorts of Cat Rules!

Not even pizza cheese?????? Dood....

That always smells so good!!!
But not turkey sausage. That smells like bird. And it is what Mommy has in OUR freezer.
Not the same smell. Good, but not the same smell!
Our moms are really rude!!!!!!!

Not fair for the kitty. And rude.

That's a low-down, dirty shame. Some people!

But you DID get some of the cooled meats after. right? Please tell us the Peeps weren't THAT stoopid!

A hanging offense, certainly.

I hope the Woman and the Man choked on their pizza after someone hurled on it.

Dang, Max...that IS just plain mean.

Max, my dear, I think sausage has onions AND garlic, both of which are Bad For Kitties.

Maybe you will get some of the pizza when they make it.

Holy Moly! How DO you put up with these people??