It's World Cat Day

Posted by Max | Posted on 8/08/2013 09:04:00 AM

Why are you not worshiping me?

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I am.. how are you not knowing that?

I worship u! *bowing down*

But...isn't EVERY day "World Cat Day"? I'm so confused...

Yeah, I ask that daily...

WHAT?! Your human is breaking the biggest World Cat Day rule? Doesn't she realize there is a HUGE penalty for that?

We do Max!!!! Dunno why your humans aren't fawning over you! Geeze!!!!
Marty the Manx
Ralphie &
The Puffs

I worship you every day Max not just today. You da best kitteh ever dood. Yeah! The Woman and the Man are so remiss. What's up with dat? You need some treats and stinky goodness. Smoochies Maxorini!

You are worshipped, trust us.

We do worship you!

Had teh sickies so if I had bowed low in proper worship, chances are good I would have yarked on your paws. I'd like to survive til Christmous.

Gee, WE got worshipped all day! But then, that kinna normal here...