Remember this box?

The Woman originally bought it to hide our litter box, but we hated it, so it became a kitty hideout for a while, and then was largely ignored.

Well, we moved into this house and there was no obvious space for the litter box, but the was a nice nook upstairs that this fits into, so it became the litter box hideout again.

Did I mention that I hate it?

I tolerated it for a couple of weeks, but I can only take so much. So I stopped using it. And the Woman scooped yesterday and today and kept commenting about how there wasn't much to scoop up.


Well, by this time I really had to go.
Really really.

So everywhere she went, I found a box to jump into and I scratched at the bottom like there was litter. She laughed and said "Sure, you can play in all the empty boxes."


She sat down to watch a little TV and there was a box there so I jumped in it and scratched again, then I got out and scratched at the floor, and then got back in the was like the light bulb suddenly went off; her eyes got wide and she said "You really have to go, don't you?"

After sharing this momentous realization with the Man she went out in the room where the rumbly bikes sleep and came back in with a small litterbox and jammed it between the wall and the People litter thingy in the tiny downstairs litterbox room, filled it with litter, and came and got me. She showed it to me and then backed out to give me some privacy...

Oh man, do you know how GOOD it feels to pee and pee and pee when you've been holding it for to days?

(Well, she thinks 2 days. I'm not showing her a few select places around the house..)

The Man says if they leave the top open on that big box I'll use it, so they might try that. But the Woman says they'll keep the little box, too. Which is good, because the next step was, well you know...pooping on her pillow.

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