• The People simply don't seem to understand how important it is for them to stay home and give the kitties attention when attention is wanted. They've spent the last week or so off doing Whatever, which means the kitties are home alone, not getting the attention they deserve.
  • If the kitties do not get the attention they deserve, then they have every right to wake a person up every 60-90 minutes throughout the night, and demand to be petted.
  • If the person being woken up does not comply, then the kitty is allowed to drop every pound of kitty flesh and ounce of fur onto the sleeping person's face. If the sleeping person has boobs, dropping onto those is effective, too.
  • If the kitty does not feel like using bodily force to wake a person up, the kitty has the right to climb up to the highest place in the house that he can get to, and howl like his missing goodies have been clamped into a vise.
  • The person must pay attention to the kitty then.
  • The person could avoid all of this if they would just stay home.

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