Buddah, exercising that little blob of gray matter wedged between his ears, has reasoned that all the boxes littering the house have been put there for our amusement. He jumps from one to the other, climbing over them and jumping off them; there's a open box with sheets of paper in it that the Woman was wrapping her Things We Hate To Dust, and he attacks that like it's a live mouse. He's having the time of his short little life.

But I know better. I have to admit, I'm not as bothered by it all as the People were afraid I'd be, but I've been through it five freaking times already, not to mention all those odd rooms we stayed in when we went to live in Evil, Ohio and when we came back. When we get over to the new place, I'll explore, and Buddah will try to find a place to hide, because deep down he's a little sissy boy. But that's ok, when he's done it 5 times he won't be bothered by it so much.

It's going to happen soon. The Man was all excited because the people who are living there right now started moving their stuff out tonight, and the man who lives there says he's renting a big truck tomorrow so they can get the rest of their stuff out, which they didn't have to do, but they did it because they're nice people and didn't want my people inconvenienced. I got to meet the Lady, and yes she is very nice. She was in the house and I allowed her to pet me, and she didn't get all grabby, she just said I was pretty, which means she has good taste.

But man...Buddah is for such a letdown. Not only will he be freaked out, but he won't have the bookcases lined up by the stairs anymore, which means getting down from the high place will be a problem.

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