You know, I am nothing if not considerate. Truly. Take this morning; after breakfast my tummy didn't feel very well, and while I was on top of one of the climbing towers I realized I needed to hurl. Now, I could have done it right there in the Woman's office, spewed forth all over the tower and the carpet, but no. In the midst of my agony I jumped down and went to the wood floor to barf, where it is much, much easier to clean.

For her part, the Woman expressed appreciation and said I was a good boy for making it to the wood floor. But did she reward my efforts? No! I should have gotten a few crunchy treats, for the effort and to refill my now empty tummy. All I got was pet on the head.

A pet on the head is all well and good, but it did nothing for my hunger, and she didn't give me anything to eat until dinner time!

Just for that, I might not sleep in the same room with her tonight. Let's see how she enjoys a Maxless night.

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